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Archery range


Civs that you might like

Armenians infantry, archers, monks, ships TBW
Aztecs infantry, monks TBW
Bengalis elephants, boom, CAs, EAs, ships TBW
Berbers cavalry, camels, CAs, ships cavalier, heavy camel. camel archer, hussar
Bohemians gunpowder, monks, siege, counter TBW
Britons archers longbowman, arbalester
Bulgarians infantry, cavalry, siege TBW
Burgundians cavalry, gunpowder TBW
Burmese infantry, cavalry, monks, elephants arambai, elite battle elephant, champion, hussar, cavalier, hallebardier
Byzantines defense, counter, camels, ships heavy camel, cataphract, elite skirmisher, hallebardier, fast fire ship, building
Celts infantry, siege TBW
Chinese archers, cavalry TBW
Cumans boom, cavalry, siege TBW
Dravidians infantry, elephants, EAs, ships TBW
Ethiopians archers, siege arbalester, siege onager, hallebardier, heavy scorpion, siege ram, bombard cannon
Franks cavalry TBW
Georgians cavalry, defense TBW
Goths infantry huskarl, champion, hallebardier
Gurjaras counter, cavalry, camels, elephants, EAs TBW
Hindustanis counter, camels, gunpowder imperial camel, hand cannoneer
Huns CAs, cavalry heavy cavalry archer, paladin, hussar
Incas infantry TBW
Italians archers, gunpowder, ships TBW
Japanese infantry, CAs, archers champion, hallebardier, heavy cavalry archer, arbalester, samurai
Khmer boom, siege, elephants, cavalry ballista elephant, elite battle elephant, heavy scorpion
Koreans archers, siege, ships, defense arbalester, elite skirmisher, siege onager, war wagon, hallebardier, turtle ship
Lithuanians cavalry, monks TBW
Magyars cavalry, CAs paladin, heavy cavalry archer, Magyar huszar, hussar
Malay infantry, elephants, ships TBW
Malians infantry, cavalry, camels champion, cavalier, heavy camel, hussar
Mayans archers, infantry plumed archer, elite eagle warrior, arbalester, elite skirmisher
Mongols CAs, siege, cavalry mangudai, heavy cavalry archer, hussar, siege ram, siege onager
Persians cavalry, archers, boom, elephants TBW
Poles cavalry, boom TBW
Portuguese gunpowder, ships, archers, cavalry, siege TBW
Romans cavalry, infantry, siege TBW
Saracens archers, camels, siege, ships arbalester, heavy camel, mameluke, siege onager, galleon
Sicilians cavalry, infantry, archers TBW
Slavs infantry, siege TBW
Spanish gunpowder, monks, cavalry TBW
Tatars CAs, archers heavy cavalry archer, hussar
Teutons cavalry, infantry, siege, monks, defense TBW
Turks gunpowder, CAs, cavalry janissary, hand cannoneer, bombard cannon, heavy cavalry archer, hussar
Vietnamese archers, elephants rattan archer, arbalester, imperial skirmisher, elite battle elephant
Vikings infantry, archers, ships TBW

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